Southern Michigan Gravesite Caregivers (Lenawee,Jackson,Hillsdale,Monroe Counties)

Paying our respects to our dearly departed is an important part of celebrating life and honoring our memories. No one wants to visit the grave of a loved one to discover that it has fallen into disrepair. If you cannot visit a family grave often enough to keep it looking nice, simply contact us.

Cemeteries are responsible for the general condition of the cemetery grounds. They may cut and maintain the grass in a respectable fashion and also trim around the trees and upright headstones. They don’t clean mud and dirt or trim encroaching grass off the flat grave markers. The condition of your monument, mausoleums or grave marker, unless damaged by the cemetery, is the sole responsibility of the family.

Gravesite Caregivers offers a selection of services, providing flower arrangements, keeping headstones free of debri, basic weed trimming, based on your needs and desires.